BRIC Curator´s Short List

February 11, 2012

Untitled (rexall), inkjet on magazine page, 2010My work on BRIC´s artist registry has been included in the Curator´s Short List.

“Keeping with the theme of the current exhibition at BRIC Rotunda Gallery, The Bricoleurs, (January 26-March 3, 2012, BRIC Rotunda Gallery) I have chosen artists for this short list whose work I feel is in the style and practice of bricolage. Sarah Vogwill’s body of work on the Registry plays with, and manipulates, the cultural consciousness of consumerism, the woman as image, and youth culture, by overlaying new imagery created by her and phrases culled from subcultures of the recent past on top of pages from vintage magazines. The final compositions become a social commentary on the media’s influence, Western conformity, the disintegration of the traditional family, and our relationship with nature.” Short List Curator: Christian Fuller

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